Scripts & Third Party Add-Ons

What are "Scripts" or "Third Party Add-ons"?

A "script" or "third party" program is any program made and distributed by someone other than RockYou, Inc., that is used to modify, cheat, or alter a RockYou game.

These programs are not authorized for use in any RockYou game as they promote unfair play and can have negative impacts on game performance. Use of these unauthorized tools violates our Terms of Service.

What are the dangers of using unauthorized tools?

The use of such programs can have negative effects on performance for both the people using them and the players around them.

Players found using this unauthorized tools are also subject to actions being taken on their game account as the use of these tools explicitly violates our Terms of Service.

Other risks include:

  • Theft of your account and password
  • The program creator could use your account, thus keeping you from being able to stay connected to the game servers
  • They can stop the game from working correctly, or make it impossible for you to connect to the game servers.
  • They may also contain Trojan horse viruses as well as back-door programs that can grant hackers the ability to remove or manipulate data on your computer remotely and without your knowledge

To uninstall an add-on, please refer to these links:

Firefox -
Chrome -

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