Sudden Increase in Troop Upkeep

What causes Troop Upkeep to suddenly increase?

Sometimes you may experience an unexpected increase in your Troop Upkeep while playing Kingdoms of Camelot. This can be due to several reasons:

  • An Alliance member has reinforced your City and you have Troops encamped in your Embassy. If an allied player sends Troops to reinforce your City, then these Troops will immediately begin eating your Food. If you run out of Food in your City, these reinforcing Troops will be sent back home. They will not desert your City.  
  • You recently used a Volunteer item, such as the Young Volunteers, Experienced Volunteers, Veteran Volunteers, or Siege Volunteers.  These items instantly add Troops to your City and begin to consume your Food after they appear. 
  • You have Troops that recently finished training.  Troops will begin eating food immediately after they complete training.

You will receive a warning when you do not have enough Food to feed your Troops for 24 hours, and this is indicated as your Food production shows in red.  Once your Food runs out, your army will begin to desert at a rate of approximately 10% at a time.



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