Leading an Attack

How do I lead an Attack?

In order to launch an attack, you will need an Unassigned Knight and some Troops. If all of your Knights are Assigned as Officers in your Cities you will need to Upgrade your Knight's Hall to Appoint more Knights or Unassign a Knight from its Role in your City. 

  • To launch the Attack, tap on the Map View tile you wish to assault and select Attack. Alternatively you can tap on your Rally Point and then tap the 'March Troops' tab. From here, manually enter the coordinates of the tile you wish to Attack.
  • Within the March Troops screen, select the Knight you wish to lead your Army and then the number of Troops you wish to send on the Attack. Tap 'Next' and choose an Attack bonus. When ready, tap the 'Attack' button. The March will begin and a timer will display showing the time remaining before the Troops reach their destination.

Once the Troops have completed their Attack, a Battle Report will be generated that details the outcome of the Battle and lists any Troops that were lost in combat.

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