The New Barbarian Raid Report

Why does my Barbarian Raid Report look different?

The Barbarian Raid feature is essential to gathering the necessary Resources to expand your Kingdom. As an effective leader, it is important to know how much of each Resource your army is bringing into your city.

In an effort to minimize the amount of clutter in the Reports section of your in-game message box, we have consolidated this information for you into one easy-to-read Report. For each hour that your Troops are Raiding without any losses, you will receive this Report. Should you sustain any losses, you will receive the necessary notification immediately so that you can adjust your Raid details.

The new Report will show the usual information: the number of Troops involved, the number of Troops that you fought, and the amount of Resources gained. The Report that you will receive will look like the one below:


Once again, please note that the above Report shows the overall statistics for your Barbarian Raids during the previous hour. We hope that the newest change to the Report feature will make managing your Kingdom significantly easier!

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