Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

How do I report inappropriate behavior?

If you are experiencing difficulties with another player in World Chat, your best option may be to ""Mute"" their messages. To ignore a player’s World Chat messages, click on the player’s name in the chat window. In the box that appears, select "Mute" to silence the player.

Muting a player will temporarily block all messages from this player in World Chat. If you log out of the game and reload once more, the messages from this player will no longer be blocked.

If you find a player is violating our Terms of Service please feel free to report this player to our Moderation Team. To report a player for misconduct, click on the player’s name in the chat window and select ""Report Abuse"". By taking this action you will send an abuse report, along with their chat history, to be reviewed by one of our agents.

How do I report private messages?

If you are receiving private messages from another player that you feel are inappropriate, you may also take action to ""Block"" these messages. To block a player and prevent them from messaging you in the future, click the ""Block"" button in the lower right-hand corner of the message screen.

Warning: Blocking messages is a permanent action. It is not possible to "Un-Block" a player if you do not have one of their messages in your inbox.

You may also report a player by clicking the "Report Abuse" button just below the "Block" button in the message screen. This will send a copy of the message to be reviewed by one of our agents. Due to our Privacy Policy, we are unable to divulge the results of an investigation.  Please know that the proper action will be taken by our agents.

If you are writing in a ticket to support on the player you have experienced issues with, please be sure to capture as many screen shots that you are able to showing the reported offence as these are vital to our investigations. The more screen shots you have of the issue when it occurred, the more quickly we will be able to take corrective action necessary.

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