Knight Skills

How do Knight Skills work?

Your Knights accumulate Skill Points as they level up by gaining experience.  In your Knights' Hall you can assign Skill Points to your Knights' four skills: Politics, Combat, Intelligence and Resourcefulness. 

In each of your Cities, there are four Roles that can be assigned to any of your available appointed Knights which will provide boosts in that city.

  • Foreman:  Increase your Foreman's Politics skill to reduce build times
  • Marshal: Increase your Marshal's Combat skill to reduce training times.
  • Alchemystic: Increase your Alchemystic's Intelligence skill to reduce research time.
  • Steward: Increase your Steward's Resourcefulness skill to boost resource production.

When your Knight's engage in battle their Combat skill will boost the effectiveness of the units they are leading.  Knight's with high Combat skill can change the tide of a battle.

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