Joining an Alliance

How do I join an Alliance?

There are two ways to become part of an Alliance.

Joining an existing Alliance

To see a list of the alliances on your server, click the 'Alliance' button at the top of the game screen, then click on 'Browse Alliances'. This will bring up a list of the alliances on your server. The Alliances are listed from highest to lowest Power. The number of people in each Alliance will also be listed.

When you have found the Alliance you wish to join, click the “Request To Join” button next to the alliance’s Might level. This will send a message to the Chancellor and other officers stating your interest in joining the alliance.

It is the Chancellor's decision whether to accept or reject your application.

Creating your own Alliance

In order to create an Alliance, you must first have a level 2 Embassy. Once you have your embassy upgraded to level 2, click on the 'Alliance' button at the top of the game screen and then click on "Create An Alliance". You will be prompted to enter a name for your Alliance and a brief description about it.


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