Sending and Claiming Free Gifts

How do I send and claim Free Gifts"

Sending Gifts
Players can send Free Gifts to their Alliance members each day.  To send gifts click the "Free Gifts" tab at the top of your game screen or click the treasure chest icon in your City View.  Select the gift you would like to send and then click "Proceed to Send".  You will then have the option to chose which Alliance members you would like to send the gifts to.

  • You can send gifts to a maximum of 22 Alliance members each day.
  • Clicking the "Select all" button will automatically select the first 22 Alliance members in your list.
  • If more than 22 Alliance members are selected when you send the gifts, only the first 22 will receive gifts.
  • If you have already sent a Gift to a specific Alliance member and go to send more gifts, that player will not be available in the list of players to send to.

Claiming Gifts
When an Alliance member sends you a Free Gift the item will be automatically added to your Inventory and you will get an Inbox message notifying you of the Gift that you received. Players can claim all Gifts sent to them (maximum 99 with a 100 player Alliance).  If one of your Alliance members is attempting to send Gifts to more than 22 players, there is a chance that you will not receive a Gift even if your name is checked when the Gifts are sent.


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