What are Aetherstones and how do I get them?

Aetherstones are a new Resource type that are created in Dark Forests.  There are a few ways to acquire Aetherstones:

  • Killing Monsters in Dark Forests. Killing more powerful Monsters will provide more Aetherstones

NOTE: You will also receive Aetherstones for killing Monsters even if you are defeated when attacking a Dark Forest. In this case the Aetherstones will be added to your Resource count when your Knights return to your Cities

  • You can steal Aetherstones from other players!  When you breach the Walls of an enemy City that contains Aetherstones, your Troops will steal the Aetherstones and bring them back to the City these Troops were sent from

Here are a few more facts:

  • Scouts are unable to locate Aetherstones so you will not see a City's Aetherstone count in Scouting Reports
  • These Stones are far more cumbersome than normal Resources so each Aetherstone will require a Load of five compared to normal Resources which require a Load of one
  • Aetherstones can be Transported between Cities, which will be necessary since each City can only hold a maximum of 1,000,000 Aetherstones
  • Aetherstones will be needed to Craft Items using the Fey Spire and may be used for other purposes in the future
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