What is Glory and how do I gain it?

What is Glory?

Glory is a new score that allows you to show off your skill in battle and see how you stack up against other players. It is determined by your success in PvP encounters.

How do I gain Glory?

Glory is gained by fighting other players. The total amount of Glory gained per battle is determined by a few different factors.

First, offensive actions are weighted more heavily than defensive actions. This means that you will receive more Glory from attacking another player than by successfully repelling an attack.

Next, the amount of Glory gained is relative to the amount of Might that you remove from your opponent. In other words, the more Might that your opponent loses in a battle, the more Glory you will gain. Finally, players who attack opponents with higher Might will gain more Glory than those who attack players with equal or lesser Might. There is no reward for picking on the little guy; Attacking or defending against players with significantly lower Might than you will provide no Glory.

How do I know how much Glory I have gained from a battle?

The amount of Glory gained from a battle can be seen on the resulting Battle Report. See the below screenshot for an example.

Can I gain Glory from reinforcing an ally?

Yes, a portion of Glory can be awarded to the reinforcer. The amount of Glory gained is relative to their contribution. For example, if the reinforcer provides all the troops that defend, then that player is entitled to all the Glory.

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