How to Contact Support

How do I submit a support request?

For the most optimal support experience, please log into the game, and click on the support or help link. This allows us to be more responsive to your needs, and to better track and support the issue you're having.

We work hard to keep our games running as smoothly as possible, but sometimes a few problems slip through the cracks.

The fastest way to resolve your issue is to search our Knowledge Base. Type a keyword related to your problem in the Search Box, and check to see if we already have an Answer to your question.

If you are unable to find an Answer that resolves your issue click the Submit a request button at the bottom of the search results or underneath any Answer Article to open our Support Form.

Try to keep your description short and to the point. When describing your problem, try asking yourself these questions to make sure you have included all relevant information:

  1. How can I best describe this issue?
  2. When and where did it occur?
  3. What were you doing just before the problem occurred?
  4. Do I have any relevant  that I could attach to help Support investigate this?

 All investigations will begin based on the information you provide, so please be as detailed and calm as possible in your description of any issue.


Topics assist us in recording relevant information from your issue. Please be sure to always select the proper Topic so we can better resolve any potential issues.

  • Security and Abuse: Use this topic if you are concerned about another player's behavior
  • How to Play: You can choose this topic if you have a general question about the game
  • Loading and Crashing Issues : Select this topic if you feel you may have experienced an issue in your game
  • Feedback: Click on this topic if you have a suggestion on how to improve the game
  • Contest/Events/Promotions: Select this topic if you have questions about in game events.
  • Payments & Billing: Select this topic for any concerns you may have regarding a recent purchase

Player Name & Domain

These may be auto-populated already. If so, please confirm this information is correct. If not, please fill them in.

You should receive an email letting you know we have received your request, and you will be assisted quickly. Please keep your reference number safe in case you ever need to reference your previous concerns.

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