Unable to View Entire Game Screen

Why can't I see the bottom half of my gamescreen?

We are currently aware that there may have been some issues viewing the bottom portion of your gamescreen. Unfortunately, this is due to an issue on Facebook's end.

The following work-arounds that may help resolve this issue:

A. Left-click on the game screen and drag downwards. You'll see the screen scroll down and you'll be able to access the bottom

B. For Internet Explorer: 

  • Press F12 and then click CSS
  • Use the search bar in the top right hand corner and search for "800px"
  • You should find a section that shows "height : 800px"
  • Click on "800 px" delete 800px and type in 1096px
  • If you restart the game, you have to do it again

If you are still encounting the issue, try the following steps:

  1. Refresh the webpage using Ctrl-F5
  2. Log in and out of the game
  3. Clear your browser cache. (click here to learn how,'s-Cache)

This issue seems to be severely affecting Mobile devices and Internet Explorer 7 especially. Please try another browser if you are using IE7.

These work-arounds seem to help many of our players, but there are some cases that are not solved by these steps.

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