Fey Spire and Crafting

What is a Fey Spire and how does Crafting work?

The Fey Spire is a new building that is now accessible to all players. The Fey warlocks that reside inside can help you combine your treasures to make new items in a process known as Crafting. The higher in level your Fey Spire is, the more recipes you will unlock - allowing you to craft stronger items. Aetherstones are a new resource in Camelot with a unique use and purpose. They are typically earned by defeating Dark Forests, but you can also loot them from the cities of other players via combat. A large number of Aetherstones, when combined in your Fey Spire, form more valuable and versatile stones that you will be able to combine with other items to craft new, more useful items. There are a limited number of Aetherstones that can exist at one time, so if Dark Forests 'run dry', you may need to resort to attacking other players.

Crafting, in Kingdoms of Camelot is the ability to combine certain resources and lower value items into higher-value items. By following the recipes that you will unlock from your Fey Spire, you will be able to command the Fey warlocks inside to attempt to create a better item. Simpler items are easier to craft, however the stronger the item you're attemping to craft, the greater the chance that the crafting attempt will fail. If the crafting attempt fails, you will lose your items or in some cases, be awarded a small consolation item. You may also purchase Insurance for your crafting attempt which will ensure success.

Insurance will be purchasable within the game, and will mean that your crafting attempts will be guaranteed to succeed. Also, the application of insurance will instantly finish your crafting attempt. Your insurance purchase will only be good for one crafting attempt.

There are many items you will be able to craft: Horns, combat boosts, defensive boosts, Divine Inspirations, Divine Providences, and many more possible crafting projects! You'll need to level up your Fey Spire to unlock the advanced recipes.

To craft an item, select your Fey Spire building within your city. You will then be re-directed to a prompt that allows you to select a recipe, and the option to act on that recipe based on whether or not you own the necessary components.


The items necessary to proceed are displayed above each ingredient in the recipe display, along with the quantity of those items you currently own. Notice the "Chance of Failure" section. The chance of a crafting attempt failing is higher when crafting stronger items. Insurance can also be purchased on this screen which will guarantee success for your crafting attempt. To proceed with your crafting attempt, click the blue "Craft" button. When your crafting attempt is successful, a timer will appear and run until crafting is complete. If your crafting attempt fails, no timer will appear, and your ingredients are lost.

There may be a chance you receive a consolation item. The smaller icon in the middle of the crafting menu is that recipe's consolation item; not every recipe has one. If your crafti

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