Persistently Attacked by Another Player

Is there anything that can be done about another player who persistently attacks me?

Kingdoms of Camelot is a war game and attacking is an essential part of gameplay. Constant battles between rival Alliances and ongoing feuds between players are common, and can be an incredibly exciting aspect of the game.

However, it can be frustrating when another player launches an excessive amount of attacks against your cities for an extended period of time.

We recommend peacefully addressing any underlying issues between your Alliance, and the other player to resolve the matter. If the other player is being especially persistent with attacks and diplomacy has failed, here are some suggestions to assist you in the game:

  • Use a Potion of Mist, available in the Shop, to deploy the Mists of Avalon for seven days
  • Use the "Ignore" feature by clicking on a player's name in Chat and clicking on the Ignore button to avoid seeing this player's Chat messages
  • Use the "Block" feature by going to a player's message in your Inbox, clicking More Actions and selecting Block User to prevent this player from sending you messages (see image below)
  • Join a strong Alliance and be active in helping your Alliance, so your Alliance members will help you in times of need
  • Upgrade your Storehouse to protect all of the Resources needed to train Troops, so even if you are hit hard, you should have some saved Resources to help you rebuild your army
  • Build strong Wall and Field Defenses and order Troops to Defend City
  • Relocate your City and deploy the Mists of Avalon using a Portal of Order or Portal of Refuge, available in the Shop
  • Use a Merlin's Cloak, available in the Shop, to change your Player Name and deploy the Mists of Avalon
  • Hide your Resources in a Wilderness you own or an Alliance member's City
  • Use a Dove of Peace, available in the Shop, to make you invulnerable to attacks for 12 hours, and allow yourself to build up your Troops and Defenses

If you suspect another player may be using Third Party Add-Ons to automatically launch several attacks against your cities, please submit a request for us to investigate the matter, including as much detail as possible. For more information on submitting a request, please see our Knowledge Base article on 



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