What does each Wilderness do?

Wildernesses are regions on the Map that can be conquered and produce a variety of Resource production boosts or other benefits. The different kinds of Wildernesses are Hills, Lakes, Mountains, Woods, Grasslands, Plains and Bogs.

  • When Hills are conquered your City will receive an increase to your Stone production.
  • Conquered Grasslands and Lakes lead to increases in Food production in your City.
  • When Woods are conquered, you will receive an increase to Wood production in your City.
  • Conquered Mountains provide you with an increase in Ore production.
  • Plains allow you to build new cities or Portal one of your existing cities to this location.
  • Bogs are impenetrable and cannot be attacked.

Please note higher level Wildernesses yield a higher percentage of production boosts for the respective Resource, but they also have a larger amount of troops defending them. Additionally, attacking Wildernesses can reward you with Crests and Seals that help to win new City Deeds.

All conquered Wildernesses will be listed in the Castle under the Wilderness tab. Wildernesses that have been conquered can be defended with reinforced troops from your City or by building Traps and hiring Mercenaries to help protect them. Protect your Wildernesses to receive the maximum benefits in your City!

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