Blocking Abusive Users

How do I block a user from messaging me?

The safety of our users is a top priority at RockYou. We are constantly working to provide a safe and fun environment for all of our players.

If you are receiving unwanted messages in your Inbox please consider blocking the abusive individual.

In order to block a player you must first open your Inbox. To access your Inbox, click the "Messages" button near the top of your screen. 

From here, select the message from the player you wish to block. A drop-down list titled "More Actions" will be visible in the top right section of the message, right next to the "Delete" button.

Please select "Block User" from this drop-down list to complete the procedure.

If you ever witness a serious violation of our Terms of Service in messages, please let us know by submitting an in-game Help ticket.


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